We provide a range of services to address at your IT needs. See below how we can help you.

Infrastructure Solutions

Things maybe moving to the cloud, but the reality is most customers still require some local infrastructure,
From Wireless networks to San Storage and servers we have all you need.

As an accredited HP Partner, DgTek has access to cutting edge technologies, right across the HP product range.

HP Lefthand, 3Par, and Eva storage solutions combined with Intel, AMD and Itanium based servers, brought together
With Hp’s portfolio of networking products advance the capabilities of the converged infrastructure.

If you are upgrading, building solutions from scratch, or looking to take something to the cloud, DgTek has the knowledge
And expertise to help you achieve the best solution.

Cloud + The Internet

Cloud computing allows a business to greatly lower their IT spend without compromising on quality.
● Data and applications can be remotely accessed through the cloud.
● Valuable information is securely stored in the cloud in case of system failure.
● Installation is cheaper and easier than traditionally.
● Storage space is easily and cheaply scalable.
● Software is available as a service.

Support/ Managed Services

Maintaining an effective IT department can be a major drain on your business’s resources

Instead allow the experienced staff at DgTek to fill this role. We offer the full suite of managed services which your business requires and at a fraction of the price of a traditional IT department.

These services are available both onsite and via telephone.